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About Us

Henny Palooza the ideal place to treat your taste buds with the most delicious food and the finest quality drinks.

We have a wide range of beverages both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. ChooseThe one of the desire and enjoy every sip of it.


With our food, it is not just the stomach that we fill. We make it a point to also fill your hearts with the wide range of dishes from various cuisines.


Everything that we use is farm fresh. It is one of the reasons why our food is exceptional in every aspect.

Leading Food & Drink Suppliers
When it comes to food and drinks we can definitely say that we are best. The services that we offer are something that cannot be matched by anyone.
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Exclusive Drinks

35 Years of Cognac Hennessy Experience

More than three decades of experience in the field. Our experience is something that will reflect in the quality of service that we offer.

Why We’re Different?

The Best Drinks & Foods to Celebrate a Memorable Party

A party without proper food is just a gathering. When it comes to food, you need not have second thoughts. We are sure that we will be able to exceed your expectations.

What’s Happening At Henny Palooza

  • diner

    Tips To Throw the Best Stress-Free Dinner Party Ever

    Many people have an idea that the dinner party at individual’s places have endangered now and no more people prefer hosting the party being working and with tight schedule it becomes hectic to host any part. This can be easily changed by removing the stress from hosting a party because there is no greater idea of having some friends around, having fun and dinner together.

    There are few enlisted ideas to make the dinner part stress free for the host:

    Pick a good group: The people you taking so much trouble for, should be worth your invite. There is no point of calling those people whom you do not like and are capable of ruining your party or your mood. You must invite only those people, who are your friends and easily get along with each other. If you want to mix and match by inviting two separate friend circles, make sure they all mix up well and no one creates a problem for the other which can indirectly cause a problem for you.

    Ask about the allergies, ahead of time:

    When you are planning for dinner, it is necessary that you are aware of everybody’s food preference. Even though you cannot take care of each person’s choice, having an idea is always a heads up. More than the preferences, you must be aware of the avoidance. Who all are allergic to what and hence must avoid the substance, from including in the food. Even if you add the substance in any dish by fault, make sure you notify him as soon as possible.

    Go with what you know:

    It is a very bad idea of experimenting on the day of house part. The risk is too high as you might end up making a disaster or in case you succeed with your experiment, you would loose a lot of time. When you host a part, you work as per a schedule in mind to stay prepared, and when anything happens and you end up killing most of the time in that, it is an alert bell for sure. Hence, it is better to cook something which is your speciality and are expert in cooking. This would not only save your time, but also would serve your guests with the best food.

    Be flexible:

    Even though unlike old times, when we invite our guests we make sure we are aware of the people who are going to show up and about those who would not be able to make it through. Even after, being up-to date with the guest list, there can be the chances, that anyone shows up unexpectedly. You must be prepared of such situations and hence, must make room for some extra food too....